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As for my previous comment, I shouldn't question my fandom. I realize I can delete that post, but I'm leaving it up because it's somewhat how I feel.

I'm not questioning my fandom persay, but I guess I'm just highly frustrated.

I stopped watching baseball and slowly fell out of sports after 2004. When I was bored one summer night in 2009 after starting my new day job, I watched a White Sox game (Cubs had played that afternoon), and it just started from there. No bandwagoning... both teams were actually competing for 1st place at that time.

Since then, it just feels like the Sox have done a lot of silly 2nd class type of things, and with the added Ozzie nonsense, I can say my time as a Sox fan is really no different than when I was a Cubs fan (from 1992 to 2004).

Thank you for allowing me to vent my frustrations.
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