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I haven't seen many games lately. Can somebody tell me what changes Dunn has made at the plate? Also, what does everybody think about the lack of power during his hot streak?

Pre-ASB: 360 PA (310 AB) 9 2B, 24 HR .213/.317/.474
Post-ASB: 112 PA (93 AB) 3 2B, 3 HR .301/.411/.430

While he's obviously a much better overall hitter during this time, I'm not sure it really helps his trade value. All the talk before the deadline was based on teams needing a power upgrade. Will GMs focus on the overall numbers, or be worried that Dunn can only hit well by becoming a singles hitter?

Given the cost, speed/defensive-impairments, and playing at a power position, I think we may be overstating Dunn's potential trade value, even if the Sox eat a few million dollars. Of course, a few homers in the next week may change things.

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