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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
He let last year's best hitter walk and replaced him with a black hole, setup our defense for disaster by throwing Keppinger out there, and did nothing with left field instead banking on improvement from one of the worst overall everyday players in the league last year (who, surprise to no one, is just as bad if not worse this year).

He's not to blame for the state of the organization as a whole, and he's made some decent deadline moves, but let's not act like he's not 100% to blame for us being THIS bad. He made some really ****ty calls that sunk our season as early as the Marlins. You don't "luck" into being this bad. It takes effort.
I think Hahn made the right moves. Last year was probably the last hurrah for a lot of guys on the team and I think that Hahn knew that and tried to run a holding pattern while preparing to get younger. I think that that was the right thing to do.

Go Sox!!!
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