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Originally Posted by Bobby Thigpen View Post
Navarro was horrible, but I still think Wells was the worst acquisition ever. Guy was terrible and didn't care. Navarro at least seemed to care.
I completely disagree with you here. David Wells was coming off a 20 win season when he was acquired and it was a decent gamble by KW coming off the 95 win 2000 season which had no ace to anchor the rotation in the playoffs the previous year. Also, there was no long term commitment to Wells. He was a rent a player gamble for one year that didn't pay off because Wells showed up to camp out of shape and was plagued by injuries most of 2001. It was a one and done thing. No harm done to the organization because we gave up Sirotka in the deal who ended up never pitching again. Wells may have been hurt and ineffective but he had a positive influence on Mark Buehrle who has talked about Wells showing him the ropes when he was a young starting pitcher in 2001.

David Wells Stats:

2001- 5W-7L 4.47 E.R.A.

Jaime Navarro on the other hand was given a long term deal by Ron Schueler (4 years, $20 million if I remember right) which was a ton of money for the time period. Navarro put together three of the worst seasons I've ever seen a White Sox pitcher have and the team just kept stubbornly trotting him out there to get shelled. It really set the organization back and his contract was an albatross of the highest order. I do credit Schu for finally unloading Navarro on the Brewers and getting Valentin and Eldred in return. Also, Navarro had a bad attitude when he was here to boot. When you are talking about worst acquisitions in White Sox history, Jaime Navarro is always going to be at the top of my list:

Jaime Navarro Stats:

1996 - 9W-14L 5.79 E.R.A.
1997- 8W-16L 6.36 E.R.A.
1998- 8W-13L 6.09 E.R.A.
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