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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
God, it's going to be so embarrassing for you when someone takes the 15 seconds of time needed to show that, depending on what day it is, Chris Sale's not even in the top 30 of pitches thrown in MLB this year...

So embarrassing. You're trying though, and I appreciate the effort.
Don't be embarrassed. You aren't the first poster to throw out statistics that really have nothing to do with the issue. In fact, I clearly said I wouldn't put an innings cap on him. You aren't the first poster to jeer another poster either when you don't like their opinions, so don't be embarrassed about that either.

Chris Sale leads the league in games with over 120 pitches thrown. The Sox are tied for first (with 3 playoff teams) in that category and are a clear second in games with 100-120 pitches from their starters. (see the website you referenced for evidence).
Those statistics are the ones that relate to the point I made which was "I wouldn't put an innings cap on him. I just don't see any reason to put over 110 pitches in a single game on him, or anyone else, other than on rare occasion."
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