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Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
We focused on signability last year? Both Anderson and May were both way bigger reaches than Hawkins and Barnum. May was a total save money pick. I know why they did it though. Hawkins wasn't a reach in any way and everyone loved the pick. Danish is far more of a risk than Barnum. A lot of organizations wouldn't touch Danish with a 5th round pick. Personally, I loved both drafts, but I think your argument is either ignorant or biased.
I know a lot of scouts who hated the Barnum pick. Reviewing a draft I guess tends to be personal bias every time. Take Anderson, I actually wanted us to go Starting Pitcher over SS there, but a lot of Scouts/"Experts" liked the fit. Some did not.

I like Hawkins, I think he was the right pick, but I just really liked this years draft. A lot of it stems from the fact I have confidence in Danish, and I have no confidence in Barnum.

I also said we focused on NOT JUST SIGNABILITY, meaning yes, we had some picks where we focused on money, but we spent our money really, really well this year.
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