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Originally Posted by Hitmen77 View Post
Dunn and Danks will make close to $30M between the two of them. Are you saying that the payroll commitment for the rest of the team combined is a little less than $20M? Wow.
That's only because guys who are in their arb or pre-arb years don't count towards the guaranteed total for next season; none of them have guarantee deals for the 2014 season even if they are still under team control. This includes guys like De Aza, Beckham, and Viciedo who will probably earn between $8-$10 million combined.

B-R's payroll tracker currently shows the Sox's estimated payroll for 2014 based on all guaranteed salaries, expected arb cases, and adding enough league minimum salaries to reach a 25-man roster at a tick under $70 million.

The Sox currently only have guaranteed deals for 2014 with Danks ($14.25 M), Dunn ($15 M), Ramirez ($9.5 M), Sale ($3.5 M), and Keppinger ($4 M).

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