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Originally Posted by Hitmen77 View Post
I wish I shared your optimism. The good news is that, whatever money they do spend on FA probably doesn't have to go toward starting pitching.
The Sox have a grand total of $48M committed to next year's payroll according to Cots. Even with raises coming for Beckham, Viciedo and Flowers (assuming they keep him) they should have 40-45M to spend just to get back to $100M (which they've easily averaged since 2006). That should net them a 3B and Catcher and hopefully an OF too with money left over to spend on RP and a #5 SP (if they think they need one).

I expect Beckham to sign a 4-5 year contract and they might try to lock in Tank for 3-4 years too, but expect both their 2014 numbers to come in at or below Sale this year (3.5 M). That's a total obligation of 55M - 40M if they trade Dunn.

All of this is before we even factor in the extra money they will get from the new national TV contract.

Even if they go really low on payroll due to obligations not met from this season they will have 25M or so to spend and I'll be shocked if they only commit 80M to payroll next year. They haven't been that low since 2005.

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