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Originally Posted by Mr. Jinx View Post
The way I look at it, was there any time in Mark's career when you ever thought he was a top 5 or even top 10 pitcher in the league? Very good, very consistent pitcher for a long long time, but only Sox hall of fame worthy.
Maybe 2001, 2002, and 2005.

Originally Posted by eastchicagosoxfan View Post
A HOF player should have a career and the stats that jump out at you. Buehrle's had neither. Buehrle can't even point to a monster season. Unfortunately, the various Veteran's Committees really brought in a lot of guys that watered down the HOF. Mark needs to have his career peak after the age of 35 to receive serious consideration. If he wants to take the Bert Blyleven route, he needs to win 100 more games. He's won 13 each of the last four seasons. He might win 13 this year.
He might win 13, but he'd need to go on a good run. He's currently 8-7.

Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
I'm not a big saber guy either but his career era+ is actually pretty good compared to alot of Hall of Famers. I would have to look this up but how many pitchers since 1980 have had 12 consecutive 200 plus innings? He's got a good chance of making it 13 if he does it this year. I know he's not a Hall of Famer as we speak but if he puts up 3 more seasons of 200 plus innings and averages about 3.0 war then he has to be considered as a decent candidate. A strong peak would have helped him alot but theres not to many pitchers who have been as consistent as him with no baggage over the past 30 years.

It's a longshot that he will even pitch 200 innings for 3 more seasons but it's possible with the way he throws and 16 consecutive seasons of 200 innings especially in this era will not be overlooked.

I think the 2005 championship will play a part in some voters minds. Plus theres not too many WS teams that have no Hall of Fame or future Hall of Famers and as forgotten as the 2005 Whitesox are to alot of people in the country they are still a team thats going to be remembered for bringing Chicago it's first WS since 1917. ........Frank Thomas wasn't really a part of that team due to postseason. I know he played a part in the regular season though.

The Florida Marlins might be the only team that I can think of that won't have any Hall of Famers. The 2005 Whitesox could be another one but I find it hard to believe that nobody on that team will make it. Mark Buehrle is probably the best player to have any chance of making it.
I'd say he has a great chance of making it 13 in a row if he pitches 200 innings this year.

With the Sox demise this year, probably the one baseball item I'm most interested in is seeing whether Buehrle once again wins 10+ games and pitches over 200 innings. He should easily get to 10 wins, needing only 2 more wins, but he will need to pitch about 50 more innings in ~8 starts.
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