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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
The story of the season is in the 9th inning when Tyler Flowers and his .194 batting average gets pinch hit for with Jordan Danks and his .161 avg.

For those watching the game at home today, was Bert Blyleven on the Sox broadcast at all? I walked into the clubhouse store for a moment, and I heard an exchange on the tv between what I thought was Paciorek and Blyleven. The Comcast graphics were on the screen, but it seemed like the Twins broadcast. Thought I heard the Twins pbp guy too, so perhaps it was the Twins feed. Not sure. It was odd.
For an inning, Stone and Wimpy and the two Twins announcers (Blyleven and I forgot who the other one was) were all on the broadcast together. It was pretty neat, actually - they shared some old war stories, but also discussed each other's current teams. I enjoyed it; great way to fill some air time for two teams going nowhere this season.
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