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Originally Posted by soxfanreggie View Post
Two things: 1.). Do you honestly think RJ won't get in first ballot? I'm not sure what you mean by the Bagwell thing for a guy with 5 Cy Young awards, 300+ wins, 2nd all-time in K's, and a ring. Add on a perfect game, a no-no, 10 AS appearances, WS MVP, and the highest K's per game for a starter.

For the Babe, he was on track to be a HOF pitcher, but he could have been a guy who pitched and then played the field in off days. Teams now would never let that happen, but I bet they would have done it then.
Randy Johnson will be a first ballot but he wont get the votes Maddux gets. There will be voters who penalize him. I don't want to get into a steroid debate though. The voters don't seem to care if there's hard core proof or not.

Regarding Ruth, I just wonder what type of career he would have had if he was purely a pitcher. Obviously they made the right choice in converting him to a hitter.
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