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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
It would be a huge mistake to sign Ellsbury. Huge mistake. I'm loathe to give a long-term deal to a player who is approaching 30 and makes a living with his speed. He'll be good for a couple more years, then his body will break down. The Sox shouldn't even consider him, and I don't think they will.
From all media rumors in New England, it appears Ellsbury is headed to the Cubs. But I would love to see the White Sox steal him from them. First of all Ellsbury is a career .297 hitter who hits the ball to the gaps. So he is a very good hitter first who happens to also be probably the fastest player in the game. He also walks a lot for a leadoff batter. He maybe is as good defensively as any CF in the game as well.
Like all players I am sure his speed will drop off. But look at the SB leaders and you find a bunch of guys in their 30's who still steal bases-Crisp-Victorino-Pierre -Rollins.
I agree you would not sign Ellsbury to a 10 year deal But I would jump at a 6 or 7 year. My guess is he will demand big bucks and the White Sox can't afford him and probably Boras won't call them. But he is a great leadoff batter at this stage who also is a great CF.
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