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Originally Posted by SouthSideMike View Post
Best of both worlds. Got a decent but not great prospect and dumped Rios's salary. We could use some infield depth, and a utility guy with a great glove like Garcia is not a bad thing to have when building a well rounded ML roster.
I am disappointed by this trade. This is all Rios commanded? I would have waited to winter to trade him. For his production level, his salary isn't outrageous. Heck, I expected more of a return then this on Viciedo, and he's terrible.

I hope there's more too this trade or Hahn got bamboozled. What do we need another light hitting, high K 2nd basmem for? Is Jim Hendry the GM?

Or let's analyze it this way:

1. Assume Alexei is trded (is dumped a better word) prior to next season. Let's assume Bacon is our new SS.
2. Now we have Garcia, Carlos Sanchez, Semien, and Micah Owings (sp?) as options. Owings may be a little bit away. I'm as crazy about Sanchez as I am about Garcie ie-not at all. So how many light hitting second basemen do we need to keep the position warm until Owings or Semien is ready? IMHO, Garcia and Sanchez are utility players at best.

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