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Originally Posted by 35th and Shields View Post
Konerko is a known class act around the league at the end of his career and one the franchises icons. Your going to compare him to Rios? A guy who has youtube videos that show him cursing at fans and teammates calling him out for sleeping before games? The two don't compare.

Back to your point, what has Paulie done to show he's mailing it in?
1) The YouTube video is actually showing Rios being harassed by an autograph broker who was using a kid as a front.

2) Many guys take naps before games, so that is as much a non-issue as anything.

Konerko is not dogging it, he's done. Rios dogs it at times, but he is still among the better all-around OFs in the game. If Texas doesn't want to give anything at all of worth to the Sox, then they should get nothing.
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