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Hey, look, I'm a meathead who would rather watch a guy play hard than not play hard. I actually would rather watch an 88-win team with good guys than a 110 win team with roiders and jerks. But I do want to watch winning baseball.

If Rios' attitude were better, people would be all about keeping him to rebuild around, which just goes to show how idiotic it is to give him away for nothing just because we don't like his attitude.

If he was hitting what he's hitting, stealing the bases he's stealing, and was likable? He'd be a freaking hero. This board would melt down if we just gave him away for salary relief. There'd be screaming about how cheap Jerry Reinsdorf is.

But we don't like the way he carries himself, so he can just get lost. Unbelievable how short-sighted that is.
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