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Originally Posted by LoveYourSuit View Post
I was referring to the overwhelming name calling (clown, hot dog, bum) of what IMO is a very productive ML player.

Why is that?

I find that not fair for the guy.
There was a play earlier this year when he was called out on a borderline strike three, and the pitch went to the backstop. Rather than running to first, which he would have made quite easily, he argued with the umpire until the catcher jogged back with the ball and tagged him out. I don't recall the precise game situation, but I know the score was close and his run mattered.

That pretty well sums up Alex Rios. Fantastically talented, but either too oblivious, dumb or full of himself to make the most of his potential. Lots of guys have some or all of those traits, but they make up for it by busting their ass on a daily basis. Rios hustles when he wants to, which isn't often. I loathe Rios.

All that said, I spend far more game-watching time bitching about Adam Dunn than Alex Rios. Last I checked, Dunn's not a minority. There's plenty of racism in the world, but fans' dislike of Rios isn't an example.
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