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I agree that Rios's image took a big hit recently among Sox fans who are still paying attention due to the incident that Robin benched him for...but they are letting that cloud their rational assessment of his value.

I believe that Rosenthal said he was the 5th best WAR for rightfielders since the start of 2012....hey,gang, that is a valuable player for a contender who has just lost their best hitter, in Cruz.

Texas has already invested a huge amount in payroll,and they have tons of money from their tv 250-300 million/yr.
So the money is no object to them.
They have come close to winning a WS,but have just missed.
There are jobs at stake for them to make the playoffs again this year.
Daniels is desperate not to be aced out of at least the wildcard this year,after the A's have pantsed them twice now,with a fraction of the payroll.

The Rangers are desperate for a hitter. Rios is a five tool player who would be their best outfielder immediately.

If the Rangers do not come up with a decent package...screw them.
The Sox can get a bad deal in the offseason,and that would cost them 4 million to keep him around this season. He is our best hitting outfielder,so that is not a bad thing. Sit PK and have Tank play first,with Garcia in center or left....problem solved.

Hahn can show me something here...they are over the barrel...hammer them.
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