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I say let Rios go. Yes, he's a five tool player, but only when he wants to be. As of now, I believe we wants to be somewhere else. His value may currently be at a high, as who becomes available later could change the equation.

Earlier in the year, I read so many posts about blowing up the team and starting from scratch. Now we're arguing about keeping a player who has a proven track record of dogging it not only here, but elsewhere. Don't think this hasn't been noted by other GM's.

If we get a decent prospect, good for us, but don't hold your breath. I'd just as soon see him move on to help close this ugly chapter. Even if we would have to eat a portion of all of his salary for a decent prospect, I feel it would be a positive move as nobody really believes he will be back next year.

If we do have to eat Rios salary, is there a 1st base prospect out there we could shoot for? This talk of moving Viciedo to 1st is scary.

Previously, I stated in another thread that I was so sick of this team that I couldn't follow it. That I might only check back in after the trade deadline. That being said and done, back to the shadows. Depending on future unfolding events, my best to all.

Anxious for the M Go Blue season.
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