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There are several different aspects that lead me to believe that Rios should be moved:

1) Even though rosters expand to 40 on Sept. 1, Hahn has said Garcia will be here at least by then. They want to give him regular AB's, and that's why he's in AAA. Why not give him the same when he is up with the club? Tank needs to be out there. I can't imagine PK, Dunn, or Rios sitting (at least quietly). So, move Rios and clear the room for Garcia.

2) We got him for nothing. Now is not a time to get greedy when Rios does not fit into the long term plan. Send him to Texas for nothing if need be.

3) The money saved could go into multiple other facets of the organization for improvement. We have Rios' replacement. Spend the money elsewhere upgrading other needs, i.e. 3B, 1B, C, etc.

I was excited when he obtained Rios, especially for not having to give up any prospects. However, the time to move on is now. I think he's frustrated with the club and is showing it on the field. Thank you, Alex, for your years on the Southside and good luck in Arlington...
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