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Wilson threw his no-no in 1990, I believe.

Black Jack anchored our rotation in the early 90s. Lots of great moments. He won 59 games from 91-93 and pitched over 750 innings over that time. Wow!

Jason Bere won 24 of his first 31 decisions and looked like he was going to be a mainstay for a decade to come. Shame he got hurt.

Might as well mention Alex Fernandez as well. These four guys made up a hell of a foursome for those back to back division title-winning teams. Still bummed to this day that we were robbed of a White Sox postseason in 1994. Sox-Expos would have been a hell of a WS.

I'll refrain from mentioning those late nineties teams because, well, if you were around during the John Snyder/Jaime Navarro days you know that that wound needs to remain covered for perpetuity.
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