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Default 1990s pitching

So I am 31 years old. I used to often wonder(and my dad as well) why as a kid I never liked pitching. The other day I was skimming over the pitchers of the White Sox during the 90s, and I honestly couldn't remember most of them at all.

The first Sox pitcher I really liked was Mark Buehrle, in 2000! It took until I was 18 before I really liked a pitcher. Maybe I was just a kid with his head up his rear, but maybe you guys could provide me some anecdotes of great Sox pitching during that era? To date I think this year has had some of the best staring pitchers I've personally ever seen on the Sox.

My shameful lack of 2005 Sox knowledge can only be relegated to box scores at this point, but that is an entirely different story.

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