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Originally Posted by Mr. Jinx View Post
If they wait until the offseason, it is highly likely that nobody is going to pick him up then and pay all of his contract as there will be better OF opportunities available fro less than what Rios makes.. The Sox have an opportunity now to dump that deal rather than wait for the winter to trade him for a few weak prospects and chip in cash to boot.
+1 zillion.

This is the only chance to get rid of him until the 2014 trade deadline. There will be no takers in the off season. Why would a team trade for $13.5M of Rios when they could just sign a better FA who would probably be cheaper?

I do agree with other posters that I think the White Sox should be willing to pay part of the salary if that's what it takes to get prospects in return, but I think it's crazy to think the Sox are going to get 17.5M in salary relief AND prospects.
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