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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
Indeed. The Sox don't have to trade him, but they should if offered fair value.

I'd like to see Rios moved to make room for Garcia, but only an idiot would give Rios away for nothing. He has value. For a player that has no value, see Wells, Casper.
He has value to the Rangers in the sense that he is marginally better than Craig Gentry. He DOES NOT have value to the White Sox that is even close to $17.5M.

The White Sox win this trade by literally giving him away for nothing and freeing themselves of his contract. If they can get rid of him, their financial obligation for next season will be under $50M, and under $30M for 2015. It will give them the opportunity to have the financial flexibility to rebuild in the next 2 years that they have sorely lacked recently because they have had so many bad contracts.

It will be the best day of the year for the Sox if this happens- regardless if they get a filler prospect from the Rangers or not.
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