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Originally Posted by XplodingScorbord View Post
This board has lost its collective mind. I get it, Rios came here and sucked for a couple of years. But he's figured out how to hit again, will steal 30+ bases this year, and can still cover ground in the outfield. Is his attitude the best? No. But the guy is going into a contract year and has played well (save some occasional lack of hustle) this year. Next year he's gonna want to get paid, so he'll give it his all. Is he going to be an all star? Probably not. But is he a valuable commodity that you don't just dump for salary savings? Absolutely.
Finally some common sense.

Rios is still a solid player and decent value for his contract. You just don't give up a guy like this for nothing. The Blue Jays gave him up for nothing but that's when 5 years were left on his deal and that team was bleeding poor with other bad contracts.
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