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I don't know if anybody has noticed but I don't think the 2013 White Sox attendance has been all that bad this year. There averaging 23,277 which puts them on a pace for 1.8 million this year. When you stop and think that it rained the first 3 months of the season(bad weather) and the White Sox are in last place, I think there attendance has been quite good, all things considered. I would like to think that the lowering of the tickets has had a positive effect on attendance this 2013 season. There are still some problems that I see. Most people still don't want to sit in the upper deck. Other teams with that same issue have simply lowered the ticket prices in the upper deck. The Tampa Bay Rays charge $12 for any seat in the upper deck. Wouldn't it make more sense for the White Sox to charge $12 for every seat in the upper deck at the Cell? Having one set cheap price in the upper deck would be a good PR move for the White Sox. It would also attract more fans to the games. The more fans at the games usually means more money spent on concessions and parking.
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