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Originally Posted by asindc View Post
I define a franchise's media market the way MLB does, which is by counting all the TV homes that could potentially tune in to a local broadcast and by counting the total number that actually do so. That means when the Tulsa and OKC metro areas tune into Rangers' broadcasts exclusively, or when the Hamilton, Calgary, Winnepeg, Edmonton, and Vancouver metro areas tune into Blue Jays' broadcasts exclusively, MLB (and advertisers) definitely count them. And that's not even counting the millions of people watching from other areas of Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, or the rest of Canada west of Ottawa. Total number of people watching is what matters, not the population of a team's base metro area. It is why the Rangers were able to get a much more lucrative TV deal than the Sox.

Simply put: Sox play in a much bigger metro area than Rangers, Blue Jays, and Tigers. The Rangers, Blue Jays, and Tigers play in media markets that are larger or at the very least is just as large (about 98% of the state of Michigan plus northwest Ohio) as the Sox's.
I figured we were in a sense doing an apples and oranges thing. I understand and appreciate your perspective. Regarding the bolded, I could be wrong but I don't think that being a very distant second in a two team market helps the Sox any. Another thing to consider, is that despite geography population movements blur the geographical lines of fandom. Atlanta is big enough to have three professional teams survive despite having many residents who aren't from Georgia, or even the south. The Rays have struggled in part due to the fact that so many of the residents in their area are from points north and have retained their original fan allegiances. The Steelers hardly ever have a real road game due to the 4 decade long diaspora of SW PA residents in search of employment. Ex Pittsburghers are everywhere. I'll quit rambling now. Thanks for a positive discussion.
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