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Default The Sox Future....

I was listening to B & B today,(I know, they drive me nuts also),and Berstein was discussing the future of the White Sox with his ''sources'' with the organization last nite,and he came away unusually positive,especially for him.

We all know he is one of the biggest naysayers around,but after questioning one of his supposed insiders at the Sox he had this to offer:

1. The Sox will only have around 60 million committed to payroll next year,and if Rios and or Dunn getting moved it will be even less.
2 The following year they will only have like 38 million committed to payroll.
3. They have one of the rare commodities in baseball...a true #1 starter,locked up for 7 years at cheap prices.
4. They have other reliable and cheap starters in Quintana and Santiago and then of course they do have a rotation that can be servicable immediately.
5. They will have money,which in the new paradigm, is the currency in which you can add young talent with deals that take overpriced guys from other teams,and absorb some salary,but only if they add prospects.

Bernstein is usually extremely negative about the Sox hopes of quickly rebuilding,and in total love with Theo and the Cubs plan but today he actually turned on a dime and said he thinks the Sox have a workable plan for a reasonably quick turnaround.

He is having Rick Hahn on today at 5:30 pm ,and said he will try to get Hahn on the record with his plan for restoring the Sox quickly.
Now, we all know that Hahn is not going to advertise his plan much,but could make for some interesting listening.

Of course,the trick is to actually trade for and sign the right guys.
But, the signing of Sale was a key move.
Call me crazy,but I think Hahn can get the Sox competitive by 2015.
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