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Originally Posted by Hitmen77 View Post
I have no love for the Tigers, but I wouldn't mind them winning the WS this year (since the Sox are totally out of the running anyway) so that people can stop pointing to 2005 as vindication of how competitive the Sox have been since the AL Central was formed.

In almost 20 years of a 5-team division plus a wild card available, the Sox have made a playoffs a grand total of 3 times. It's been 5 years since we made the playoffs and it's looking at this point like that drought will extend to at least 7 years.

Thank God for the 2005 White Sox and i'm glad i'll always have that season in my memories. But i'd rather not be like Bears fans clinging to a sole Super Bowl win for the next quarter century.

The only AL teams to win the WS in the last 20 years are from NY, Chicago, LA, and Boston? Wow! Big markets rule in the AL.

You know why the damn 1985 Bears are still so celebrated in Chicago? Because that organization hasn't won **** since. I don't want the White Sox to go down that road.

Everyone should cherish the memories of 2005, but it is disappointing the Sox failed to sustain the momentum that championship created. Basically, in years since, the Sox have fielded decent-to-good teams in even-numbered years and bad-to-poor teams in odd-numbered years. It's been a bit of a strange pattern.
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