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Originally Posted by lpneck View Post
I'll be honest- I would like the Sox to consider hiring Ryne Sandberg, and think they should have done it two years ago when he got jilted by the Cubs.

He has paid the dues that Robin never did in the minors (and has had success coaching in both the Cubs and Phillies organizations.)

I think his record shows he's going to be good, and I think he has a chip on his shoulder towards the Cubs and will want to stick it to them any way he possibly can- to me that's a pretty good set of traits for the White Sox manager to have.

That being said I think there's a good chance Charlie Manuel leaves after this year and he gets the Phillies job.
I would've been ok to hiring him because he paid his dues in the minors and had success. If I'm worried about sticking it up to the Cubs, I would hire their former mascot Kerry Wood. I don't really care about the Cubs. I only care about the White Sox winning.

I also think Manuel will be stepping down soon, and Sandberg will be in line to replace him.
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