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Default Chicago Baseball Museum

The Sun Times reported in todays paper that the Chicago Baseball Museum is going to be built in Whiting Indiana. I find it odd that a Chicago Baseball Museum would be built in Indiana. I know they have had a hard time finding a location for it. But still, are Chicago baseball fans going to go to Indiana? Whiting is a small town (5,000 people) thats 16 miles from the Chicago Loop. I would make a guess that Whiting was probably the least costly place for the Museum. With all the criticism the Cell gets for its lack of things to do around the park, wouldn't it of made more sense to build the Baseball Museum somewhere near the Cell? People can say that the Cubs fans wouldn't go to any Baseball Museum near the Cell, but I'm wondering if anybody will go to Whiting Indiana. Alot of museums are built away from the human race and most of these museums struggle financially because of that. I went to the Ted Williams Museum after it opened in Citrus Hills Florida a few years ago. The museum was great. They did a wonderful job building it. The problem was it was built in the middle of nowhere a couple of hours outside of Tampa. Sure enough nobody went there and they closed it. I've often wondered what they did with the building after they closed the museum. I read a couple of days ago how the MLB HOF in Cooperstown had its worse attendance in 2012. They think the attendance will even be lower in 2013. I've always thought the BB HOF would be drawing more people if it wasn't built in upstate New York.
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