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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
You conveniently ignored this part: "At one point, Randy Johnson and Greg Maddux were second year pros who had never pitched above A-ball."

I can easily turn that into "any prospect can turn into a hall of fame pitcher."

That's not logical, because my claim was "it doesn't mean anything". "Randy Johnson and Greg Maddux were 2nd year pros..." was only the support to that claim that it doesn't mean anything. It only shows that a 2d year A ball player can range from a player who never makes it past A ball to a hall of fame player, therefore "it doesn't mean anything" that a prospect is a 2d year player in A ball when evaluating a prospect.

You can't logically say that because I used that example to disprove the claim that it does mean something that you can easily turn that into any prospect can turn into a hall of fame pitcher. That's just ludicrously fallacious reasoning, no offense.
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