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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
The difference to me is screwing with Beckham's position yet again. At 2B, besides injury issues, he is having a fine year both offensively and defensively. No reason to mess with that.
Agreed. Although there's really no one in the system to replace Alexei, I'd rather see Beckham stay put for the sake of not throwing too much at him at once. He seems to be finally breaking through and I'd like to see that continue. Although he might be able to (and want to) take on the challenge of SS, I'm hoping they just keep it simple for him. If they want to make that change, give him an off season and Spring Training to try to get back to that position. I worry that trying it mid-season could present other problems (like regressing offensively).

And, I take this as the fan base being ready and interested in this rebuild... The amount of people watching this thread are more than I've seen on WSI in months.