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Originally Posted by BigKlu59 View Post
Thats just it. When he's had injuries they have occured in the areas that comprise 90% of the game itself..IE Head (eye), Hands (wrist). Torso, Legs and Feet.. It would have been great to see him DH till he hit the half century mark, but those nicks have taken their toll. Yaz did lace them up a year too long. Those old gamers drug the bat up there until they themselves saw the writing on the wall.. They'd rather know themselves they cant do rather than being told so.. I think the Psych term is closure. They left all that was left on the field..Who knows, Maybe Paul has a Ted Williams, Stan Musial and Whitey Ford moment in September,puts the bat into the rack and says..."Its been great boys"...

Klu, thanks for reminding of the wrist injury, how could I forget that.
One thing I remember about Yaz is that he made a radical change to his batting stance in his later years and it worked.
Batting in the second position for the White Sox, number 2, the second baseman Nelson Fox.
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