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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
Yes, but the Sox are tenants. They do not own the building. They would not be purchasing a new board. Soldier Field could use a new board. Theirs has that standard def stretch on a high def screen look. Yet no upgrade.
It would be like living in a rental unit with a perfectly working refrigerator. Say you want to upgrade to a stainless steel refrigerator. Would you just buy it and expect your landlord to reimburse you? Good luck with that.
I never said I expected the Sox to get reimbursed for it. If I knew I was living in a rental unit for 40+ years at a time and really wanted a stainless steel fridge, then I would go out and buy it. By the time the Sox lease is up a new scoreboard would be obsolete anyway so it isn't like it matters if they are renting or own their own place. They will get no additional money for it at the end of time anyway.
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