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Originally Posted by MUsoxfan View Post
I'm not on any email lists. Nor have I been inclined to watch many bad baseball games on TV lately. However I have been to 2 games in the past week. I see no mention of it at the park. They could maybe put commercials on non-Sox programming to put the word out.

The team is bad. Casual fans don't watch their ****ty baseball team on TV or listen on the radio. They need to find other avenues to get the word out to more than the hardcore fans
I don't think that's what the Save of the Week is designed to be, the Sox advertise some specials pretty heavily (like Family Sundays), but the Save of the Week I've always assumed was supposed to be kind of a perk directed to hardcore fans, since the availability is somewhat limited.

That being said, if you get emails from the Sox, they advertise them pretty heavily there.

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