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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
The Cell seems to be in late September shut-down mode.

There were no programs or scorecards anywhere on the upper level today, so they had to call downstairs. Seems like something that is pretty easily avoidable.

But, the biggest joke today was having a red-shirt standing at the entrance to some random section, 535 or 537, asking to check people's tickets. I mean, there were about 1200 people in the upper deck today. Was she there to check on any Scout Seat ticket holders trying to sneak into the upper deck today? So a mom with her kids was stopped with a handful of food and ice cream trying to dig through her pockets for a ticket to appease this worker. Just really pathetic, when the proper allocation of resources would have been to send the red shirt downstairs to bring up some programs and scorecards.

Otherwise, oddly, it was a pleasant day at the park.
I'm sure somehow all of that is your fault. I mean you really shouldn't expect a scorecard or a program at a baseball game.

At least that's the response all the other people have with gripes about Sox complacency are getting in this thread.

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