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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
First off, I'm not your pal.

Secondly, Dunn's career OBP is .367. Everyone wants him gone for being an all-or-nothing hitter. Olt's OBP is .374. That doesn't mean he isn't all-or-nothing. His OBP is very similar to Dunn's.

At least Dunn's massive K totals are against legitimate MLB pitchers.

Olt is whiffing like a madman in the minors. I already cited the stat that proves it. I'm sorry if you can't read. He sucks. I don't want any more hitters like him in our system. I'd much rather hold on to Peavy than trade for a piece of crap like that.

Go ahead and keep believing the propaganda about the Cubs, though. They're great. Just ask them.
They are better than us record wise right now and have a brighter future.

As for mentioning Dunn's career OBP and saying people here want him gone. That is just asinine. His OBP as a member of the White Sox has been .292 .333 and .319. Lol what a silly thing to say. These numbers aren't hard to look up.
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