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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Peavy is not an ace, was not the best guy on the market, will not net us a package of prospects close to what Garza got, and it's not like I'm the only one saying it. I so sick and tired of being called a troll or even a cubs fan for stating my opinion, which is an opinion being mentioned nationally by several people every day. Yeah, that last comment is sarcastic. But with the way people are ****ting on me, I'm gonna say it with a little attitude. Because I'm not the one who's wrong.
Peavy is a number 1 or a 2 at worst. He also is a proven competitor game in and game out. Your entitled to your opinion but so am I. Since I am not a scout or GM and I am sure you are not either; will just wait and see what Peavy goes for in the trade market. Also I believe that the Peavy will have better numbers than Garza ends up with at the end of their careers; that's just my opinion.