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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
They have been holding this event multiple times a year for many years. If this had been a problem in the past, I'm sure they would have had someone out there. It's really not that difficult to park and when you do, you can easily see if you are blocking someone in. I really don't know how anyone can block you in and not know it. But really they are the ones who are at fault. I don't know why anyone would actually anticipate in a lot that holds thousands of cars, that someone would actually be blocked in during an event where far fewer than that would be parked, and pay someone to make sure it doesn't happen.
Well the mere fact that they were paying someone to stand there and waive in cars, as well as 2 security guards who were right there by the lot and yet nobody did anything still makes me scratch my head. All they had to do was take a quick look out there once and they would have seen this happening. When I walked back to the guards to inform them that my car was blocked in they were able to clearly see it from their vantage point without even moving. And the fact that the only reply I got was "yeah, that's what happens when they don't have someone in the lot" and then a bunch of nothing really pisses me off.
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