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Originally Posted by Mr. Jinx View Post
I should think the Sox would want to hold themselves to a higher standard than a mall owner in terms of overall service, but I guess that's just being greedy. Also, there were more than a few people who did this, so it seems parking was not as obvious as it would appear, there are a lot of stupid people in the world. At a mall there are clearly defined parking spots that even the biggest idiot in the world could understand. The Sox have a long single yellow line. I saw people parked in front of it, behind it, and on top of it in random order.

And I left the event about 45 minutes early, hence why I had to wait an hour for the other people to get out.
They have been holding this event multiple times a year for many years. If this had been a problem in the past, I'm sure they would have had someone out there. It's really not that difficult to park and when you do, you can easily see if you are blocking someone in. I really don't know how anyone can block you in and not know it. But really they are the ones who are at fault. I don't know why anyone would actually anticipate in a lot that holds thousands of cars, that someone would actually be blocked in during an event where far fewer than that would be parked, and pay someone to make sure it doesn't happen.
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