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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
I'm not overrating the core pitching contingent, except perhaps Danks - been over that before. Santiago who is considered the weakest of the bunch, has the similar peripheral numbers Samardzija who is considered a future top of the rotation starter by some. Peavy hasn't pitched as much so that's a difference; that he isn't viewed as positively as Garza is unsupported by the facts, and irrelevant anyway. Only Texas showed significant interest in Garza. Rios hasn't been below average this year. We certainly have some gaping holes though. Still, I think a significant under-performance.
Below average for what you expect out of Rios. He's hitting .270ish with a dozen homers at the deadline? Yeah, that's not one of his horrible years, but it's well off pace for a good year. Overall, he's be replacement level. What team is going to trade you anything significant for an aging replacement level outfielder with a big contract? OF COURSE the White Sox were disappointed in the offers for him. To most teams, he has negative value.

That Stark column with information and quotes from different team execs was pretty explicit that most buyers considered Garza the big fish. Disagree with it all you want, but don't say I didn't support it with evidence.

The reason Samardzija (sp?) is considered top of the rotation talent is because of his talent. First full season peripherals are pretty meaningless compared to what a guy actually throws. I'm not the biggest Samardzija fan, but comparing Santiago to him based off limited sample size is...frankly not the best way to go about comparing them. You're talking about guys that project at opposite ends of the spectrum. In 1998, John Snyder posted even better first half numbers than that. Would you have been comparing him to Kerry Wood that year? It's just as unreasonable. Santiago's stuff projects at the back end of a rotation, 3-4 absolute top. You can be happy about how he's produced in his limited time so far, but let's not act like he's the next Cy Young contender.