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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
Hahn hasn't been on the job long enough for anyone to make any judgments, IMO. I can't say that he's better or worse than Epstein. And regardless, Hoyer is the GM of the Cubs, not Epstein. And I hope people don't mind me calling him Epstein. It baffles me that all of Chicago is on a first-name basis with him.

I guess I'll just be the idiot who doesn't want a five-year rebuilding plan. I don't think much of trading veterans for prospects. For years, I've felt that fans and media and even some baseball executives have overvalued prospects.

I remember WSI having a meltdown the day KW traded Reed, Olivo and Morse for Garcia. "DAMN YOU KENNY! YOU MORTGAGED OUR FUTURE!" Meanwhile, I was crying tears of joy because the Sox were finally acting like a big-market team, acquiring the type of top-of-the-rotation pitcher you need to win a championship.

Texas just made a move similar to the one KW made in 2004. I love the move from the Rangers' perspective. I think they will make the playoffs now. They might even get to the World Series.

Let the Cubs stockpile all these prospects. I still don't know who is going to pitch for them when they are supposedly going to return to contention in 2015. If they aren't contending by then, it will be quite fair to criticize them for trading proven big-league starting pitchers for ifs and maybes.
It is all about balance. I think what you will see in 2014 and 2015 especially with the Cubs is having 5-6 GOOD prospects who are up, and having 70-80 million to spend in FA. Because you have cost controlled players around the diamond, you can spend to fill the holes and use excess talent to fill holes via trade.

The Sox have never had balance. Our offense has 2 home grown starters, 1 is finally showing he does not totally suck (Gordon) and the book is out on Josh still.

Honestly, I have no problem with the Sox taking a few years to rebuild. I mean, this season sucks enough as is, might as well make it suck with a good farm. We are going to suck this bad next year, might as well keep getting the farm in order. PK needs to retire, Rios is on the downside of his career, Dunn is done, and none of the younger guys seem like you can really build around them. Gordon has been nice, but FAR from a cornerstone guy.

Put me in the category of wanting a team that wants sustained success. I simply do not enjoy 1 playoff trip every 5 years and justify it because we are .500 most the other years. I want to compete every season, we have the money to do it, we have not had the talent in a long time.

2005 is but a distant memory. Its almost 2015. Its time to win something else.
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