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Originally Posted by Madvora View Post
I can make no sense out of this post. I've read it four times.
Originally Posted by fisk4ever View Post

My beer was taken out of of my hand by an underaged girl and then she went to drink it. I took it back and asked what are you doing. "trying to drink" was the answer.

After the game while walking to the train a phily fan said "Sox suck" and then punched a girl I was with in the arm. Then he ran away. The punch resulted in a bruise that lasted weeks.

For 2 days we were constantly the brunt of "Sox suck", our team is better than yours, you suck, F*&% you, etc.......the entire game.

Hopefully that works for the both of you.

I have been to 100 major and minor league ballparks and nothing like this has ever happened anywhere else. And yes, I wear a Sox jersey when I see the Sox playing.
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