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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Baseball was resurrected from the abyss by a tainted home run chase. Ratings were easily fourth of the major sports.
So that some how justifies the hypocracy of fans looking the other way when it comes to the most watched sport in america(lets not overlook the fact that baseball ratings were fine in the 80s when steroids were rampant as well. Had the strike not happened there is no need for the HR chase to resurrect baseball)?
I understand being upset about PEDs, but if anything that outrage should jump over to other beloved sports so that they can feel that sport is clean as well. The idea that a person can be outraged that a player is hitting home runs with extra help, but not get mad when a RB gets that edge to break an extra tackle to score the game winning TD just makes me roll my eyes.

Do we know it was steroids Von Miller took? Here it explicitly says what Von tested postive for is unknown.

Keep in mind whether steriiods or not, all NFL substance violations are 4 games. That includes all illegal narcotics (even marijuana) and hundreds of OTC supplements that most people would take without incident.
Miller tested positive for Amphetimines(most likely Adderall or Greenies) and Marijuana(your link says Amphetimines and Steroids, another i read said marijuana. Probably one of the two). While Adderall is not a steroid, it's a PED all the same(Mental proformance is just as important as physical). A linebacker who gets that extra split second of concentration, thus being able to recognize the play quicker than someone else is at a distinct advantage over another player, and can lead to a game changing interception or fumble. To me it's no different than these guys using PEDs and recovering from a workout quicker.
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