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Originally Posted by ComiskeyBrewer View Post
Shawn Merriman took steroids, and it was reported as such. Yet nobody cared. Anybody care about Von Miller? Probably not.

I'd be willing to bet many nfl/nba/nhl records were broken due to PEDs. I doubt Brett Favre breaks half those records without some help. They might not have built muscle, but I'm sure they helped him with recovery.
Baseball was resurrected from the abyss by a tainted home run chase. Ratings were easily fourth of the major sports.

Do we know it was steroids Von Miller took? Here it explicitly says what Von tested postive for is unknown.

Keep in mind whether steriiods or not, all NFL substance violations are 4 games. That includes all illegal narcotics (even marijuana) and hundreds of OTC supplements that most people would take without incident.

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