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Originally Posted by ChiSoxGirl View Post
My boyfriend and I were at yesterday's game and astonished at the fact that the escalators off the ramp near Sec. 536 were inexplicably closed after the game. Because of that idiocy, nearly 28,000 people were forced to take the ramps down to street level, as opposed to spreading the crowd out on the escalators, ramps, and the stairs by Chicago Sports Depot.

One of the perks of the recent renovations to the ballpark are those escalators, so as not to jam the ramps. So, why the hell were they closed?! As far as I can see, there are exactly zero reasons as to why.
Kind of unrelated, but I don't understand why the ramps from the concourse have been shut down for years now. Why were they even built in the first place if they are not used?
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