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Originally Posted by CHISOXFAN13 View Post
I'm not saying I advocate trading him, but if someone calls and knocks your socks off you listen.

Apparently, the don't trade Sale for anything ever camp doesn't remember the Bartolo Colon to Montreal trade. You know, the one that fetched Brandon Phillips, Grady Sizemore and some left handed starter named Cliff Lee. There are no guarantees, but I'd take a package like that any day.
Colon was a season away from free agency, was being paid about $5 million and was due for a raise to more than $8 million in his free agent year, which the White Sox ended up being stuck with. The White Sox and their fans expected more out of him, all things considered, and he continued his downhill slide after signing for bigger money with the Angels. Colon with the Indians was not a pitcher they were going to be able to build the team around.

The White Sox control Sale through 2019 and his current contract earns him less than $1 million for this season. Even when he gets his big raise next year, he will be making substantially less than Colon made a decade ago when he was traded.

Of course you listen to offers for everyone. Harry Frazee, who owned the Red Sox almost a century ago, said when asked if his players were for sale, "My hat's for sale. Make me an offer." That's what he was quoted as saying before he sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees, anyway. There are good deals and there are bad deals. When the Indians traded Cliff Lee, whose stock was higher than Colon's when the Indians traded him, they got four prospects, the most impressive of which was Lou Marson. The pitcher they got in the deal never got past Class A, and he's out of baseball.

The White Sox know what they have in Sale. They control him. He is not a drain on their payroll. He is worth more to the Sox than Colon was to the Indians when the Indians traded him 11 summers ago. If you are going to trade Sale, you are going to want more than another team's prospects in return. If you are going to shop Sale, you are going to do it when more teams are buyers than simply the contenders who aren't going to give up components to their contending season.

The deadline deals that result in players trading their stars for multiple stars in return are the exception.