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Originally Posted by soxfan1983
Anyone else see this SunTimes article by Dan McGrath (who?) in regards to the MLB special on him?

I didn't see/hear about it until Stoney asked Hawk about it early in the game today. Hawk goes on a rant about McGrath and then mentions Mariotti, and Boers/Bernstein as well. Classic Hawk

I didn't hear what Harrelson said about McGrath's review/critique/whatever, but I think if McGrath has any agenda it's to pay back the hits he took when he was the Tribune's sports editor.

He freelances now for the Sun-Times since he left the Tribune and in at least one other piece he wrote a while back he alluded to shots he and the Tribune took for their relationship with the Cubs. His complaint today was that the program wasn't a documentary because it didn't do any fact-checking or provide any challenges to Harrelson's stories. Ironic, since that was one of the complaints we all had when our anti-Tribune fervor was at its peak.

I think he missed the point of the show. It wasn't supposed to be a hard-hitting documentary or an exposť revealing that Harrelson's conversations with Howard Cosell or Rocky Marciano never happened. It was just a program highlighting a colorful baseball character with some great stories.

Please. I mean, if McGrath is so concerned about debunking legends and folk tales, let's go back to Babe Ruth or Satchel Paige or Leo Durocher and see how accurate their stories were. Colonel McCormick would be proud.

- tebman
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