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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
A #1 starter may put fans in the park every 5th day. a commodity that looks like the second coming of Mickey Mantle would put fans in the park everyday.
Yeah, the heck with winning. That approach has worked for 100+ years on the north side.

Originally Posted by gr8mexico View Post
The Angels are 4 games under .500 with Trout and a great lineup.
How would he make the Sox better with a ****ty lineup? And if the Angels where to trade him for Sale that says a lot that they value pitching over offense. Meaning its harder to find an Ace
Bingo. It starts with pitching.

‎This just in from the newswires: The Anti-Trust Division of the US Department of Justice has announced that whenever Sale take The Bump, it is unfair competition in violation of various federal and state laws. However, he is not being prosecuted because it is so ****in awesome to watch him do his craft.