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Originally Posted by Chez View Post
You kids and your twitters.

Seriously though, Brian26 what did you expect, an apology for his weak attempt at humor? Your tweet was a personal attack on his career arc and he responded. And now you're gonna tell his boss on him?

Anyway, back to trade rumors . . .
Chez, a personal attack would be about his family, heritage or race. Here is a journalist turning to social media to promote himself and his agenda. His comment was absurd. When someone recognized that and criticized it, he lashed out childishly. I don't take his reply to me personally, but I find his thin skin and lack of self awareness, for someone using Twitter to put themselves over, to be shocking. What did I expect? Simply for him to note my response and keep it in mind for next time. Nobody made him respond. He is the public figure, not the sox fanbase he tried to insult.